Frequently Asked Questions About Body Time Franchise

Can I set up from scratch?

Yes, sure, you can set up a business from scratch, or if we have a franchise for sale, you can even buy a running business with staff, active clients, and an actual client database.

What do you offer?

All we offer is in our franchise portal. After subscribing, you get access to all tools and helpful support 24/7 online. We also have additional personal support that can be purchased. But this is not mandatory in the online portal; you will find everything from A to Z in that way easily explained and exposed that you can put all into action to succeed. If something is missing, we will update the portal in a maximum of 24 hours to always have an up to date complete online portal.

How much cost the device and electrodes?

One Device Miha Bodytec 2: 12.000$
Electrode set to start: 5000$

What is the cost to put the entire team together, including all employees needed?

It’s free already in your franchise portal included.

How much is the franchise fee?

97 $ monthly! You have two years franchise right renewable after two years.
One time joining fee is 797$. It’s the best system for the best price!

There is no other Franchise System, even lower in costs of the investment and no other Franchise System has that amazing investment to profit ratio, that says after pure calculation: With Body Time, you get the most out of your business investment that you can get!

Do you allow franchising in a GYM?

Yes, we have a shop in shop option too.

How to estimate the profit I can make?

This varies from country to country and region to region. The average ROI is 200%, which means your investment will return in to your pocket in a time frame of 6 months! This is for a Studio Setup, not a shop in shop solution! The shop in shop option is able to return the investment sometimes faster.

Is there a secret? Or how can I really succeed with my business?

Yes, there is a secret! Our entire know-how is a secret and makes the business management always a win and success. All these secrets will be revealed after paying the franchise fee and having access to the franchise portal.

How to be sure of my business investment?

You invest in health and fitness for you and other people! What do you think, is it something people will need in the future? YES! And at body time, they get it on the easy, comfortable way! 20 minutes once a week with a personal trainer, motivation, nutrition consulting, mindset, everything from A to Z!

Can I trust my self that I succeed?

If you just follow all our guidelines, take massive action, and just do YES! Everybody can do it! It would be best if you were a doer and action taker because the rest we do for you, we give clear instructions on doing everything in detail.

Is there a way to estimate the profit from this investment?

Yes, it’s a 200% ROI! The investment is +/- 60.000$ maximum or it could be just around 20.000 Dollar for the smallest option. But anyhow, the ROI remains the same by higher investment and it can be even reach a higher number.

But you can start small and scale, that’s how we recommend it. By the end, it’s your choice!

Short said:
It doesn’t matter if it is an investment of 20,000$ or 60,000$ because the investment will return in to your pocket in the first 6 months!

What is the minimum, average, and maximum return of investment?

Minimum 50% ROI what means you don’t follow our guidelines! It’s still a 2 year ROI! The average is 200% ROI in 6 months of your investment back. Maximum is not existing because our system is scaleable what means open end!

Time frame for the return on investment?

The time frame is from 3 to 6 months and as above explained it is in the worst case 2 years. But that means you don’t follow our guidelines.

We can say not succeeding can happen if you don’t care, don’t look after your business, and think it’s just investing and finish, now i will get my money back!

But even for that, we have solutions: You can book a full management package, and we manage all your business successfully.

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