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I’m so grateful to have found Body Time! It has changed me both physically and mentally and this is now a lifestyle change that I’ll adopt forever. I reached my goal weight after one 12 week challenge and truly enjoyed all my meals. I’ve always struggled with being overweight but Body Time to me has been more than just weight loss. It’s the community, the support from the Body Time team, the mindset talks, workout challenges and a total learning curve about my relationship with food. I’m currently the fittest I’ve been and I can’t thank you guys enough.


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Importanta Proteinelor In Procesul de Slabire

Importanta Proteinelor In Procesul de Slabire

Proteinele sunt foarte esentiale in slabire,masa musculara sau inbunatatirea metabolismului Proteinele sunt formate din aminoacizi care sunt de 2 feluri esentiali si neesentiali, din 20 de aminoacizi cunoscuti 9 sunt esentiali si nu pot fi sintetizati de corpul...

Body Time Lifestyle Training!

Body Time Lifestyle Training!

Why Body Time? Body time is for people who respect themselfs and desire more! Body Time is offering you a short 20 minutes workout just once per week with the best and latest technology from Germany! Yes, everybody will say it sounds to good to be true and it is hard...

Sportul nu are varsta sau scuza

Sportul nu are varsta sau scuza

Ca sportul nu are varsta, asta o stim deja. Ca nu are scuza, si asta stim deja. Insa ce nu stim este ca doar cu ambitie si motivatie vom reusi sa ne atingem scopurile si nu altfel. Un exemplu demn de urmat sunt simpaticii nostri clienti, sotii Marinof, un cuplu de...

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